communication plan

Projects portal? how to best tell people about the ideas of anything? Can we revitalize profile for 21c education? Can it be faculty and student driven? (not just for students?) can we combine/tag and categorize news so people can see what is relevant to them? Is this something for portal? For CDVL, what about making […]

2nd year award

Can president make a second year award for best portfolio use? Can it be a prestiguous presidential award? Or form the Gue’s leadership/global institutes? (one from each?)

LDR 101 Risk Reflection

This is a reflection for my LDR 101 class. The prompt states the following: Over the weekend, go out and do something totally new for you. Type 1 page reflecting on the experience– what you did, why you did it, how you felt before, during, after? What did you learn? 1 September 2015 I didn’t do anything spectacular this weekend. In fact, it was quite ordinary. I did the things I usually do on weekends: sleep, eat, sleep some more, work on homework, teach at my masjid’s Sunday school. I simply did all the things I needed to do. However, …

Collaborative Final Project

February 2, 2016 Today I met with my group for the first time. My groups consist of myself (obviously) Ash, Kennedy, Margaret, and Jessica. Margaret and Jessica weren’t in class today, so when we were brainstorming ideas I really wish that they could have been there because I feel like having us all there on […]

Week 1 Personal Identity Mapping

Week 1 (1/21/16): This week my GBL NYC Art class went over small details for our trip, got to know one another in groups, made personal identity maps, and discussed “The Mindful Traveler”. One interesting thing that I confirmed about myself through identity mapping is that I am very passionate about the people around me. … Continue reading "Week 1 Personal Identity Mapping"