Notes from GBL 102 New York Art

JORDAN CASTEEL Studio Museum in Harlem “What’s up Painter”–Jordan living and working in Harlem, paints her community. So they know her, and talk to her when they see her on the street. Kite man: Jordan saw him from the window, went out and made his acquaintance, then saw him at Penn station “you’re Kevin” , […]

stalwart certain square to wonky nuanced circles to topo map to mountain range

can I make this graphically? A depiction of the universe, maybe I could animate it, as the point of view changes from flat to overview to side view, from 2d to 3d depcted to 2d and then into 3d (can I make a 3d print of it?) graphic, then topo map, the...

Public reflective writing time

What if twice a week we have public writing/quiet reflection community time in lab?

PREA prison rate and elimination act (volunteer training)

Mission: to reduce recidivism, provide effective healthcare, education and programming 95% of inmates will return to the community: “returning citizens” violent offenders stay there are transition centers: metro and atlanta, to prepare returning citizens to re enter and to go home. Opportunities for restoration creating opportunities for returning citizens to be: restored ; transformed ; […]

Discoverability is a public good–we are all artists now

Digital pedagogy and humanities increases “discoverability” across platforms. Education changes with technology so that it is not just for the Academy, but bleeds across borders, becomes publically accessible. Increasing discoverability is a public good. We don’t form knowledge to hoard it. {gift economy} Considerations: Traditionally, the more difficult it is to get into a journal, the […]