The way i feel about my class is that is it is informational about media. I have learned to analyze movies. My reviews have been critical and have given me a new perspective on life. This class is interesting and I can’t wait to learn more. During the assignment of the Newsroom writing my paper… Read More

“About Me”- LDR Assignment

  Something that most don’t know about me (unless you know my birthday) is that I am a proud Libra! Granted that I am just on the cusp of being a Scorpio, I am a Libra all the same. The most notable thing about Libra’s is our strong desire for equality and balance throughout our […]


Based on my Strengths Quest results I chose three that I felt I displayed the most. These strengths included: Restorative Adaptability Strategic The first theme I feel I display the most is being restorative. I constantly find myself trying to improve. To me nothing is perfect. Everything can been fixed or enhanced. Also, I always … Continue reading "Strengths"

The Review

I related to a rose because I grow often with water but I always die out with lack of nutrients and water. In order for me to succeed and have growth I would need to be nurtured very well. I have a beautiful spirit but I can be dull on the inside. Never judge a… Read More

LDR-N Summary

My LDR class uses films and movies as a medium to talk about economic issues and topics. Through our discussions and group projects, we are able to improve on our leadership and group skills. Working with other people is an important component in forming a leader. The different assignments in class empowers our artistic and […]