Disagreement- A reflection

In reflecting on my experience in this course (LDR 101: What to do about disagreement), I have stumbled upon the following conclusions: 1) everything is in fact not what it seems, 2) one must examine differing points of views in order to better understand themselves, and finally 3) there are in fact many things to do about disagreement, … Continue reading Disagreement- A reflection

LDR – Why We Disagree – end of semester

In my freshman leadership class ‘What to do about Disagreement’ I have learned that disagreement does not have to be hostile and that it is okay to disagree as a team. Arguments, at least in the philosophical sense, are not violent or hostile. Learning how to form a strong argument has taught me how to […]

My Summary is sound

My LDR “What to do about disagreement” is about learning to think critically and make logical arguments. For my image, I drew a picture of a student whose failed one of her LDR exams. There are 2 philosophers weighing in. Midgley says that it’s wrong for the students to have gotten an f because she[...]

LDR – Why We Disagree Summary

©2015 The Genetic Literacy Project My LDR class forces you to think inquisitively and critically. It is filled with deeply thought-out discussions, friendly disagreement, and group building. This class allows you to form valid arguments about possibly controversial topics. “Why We Disagree” also allows you to form well-thought-out opinions.

LDR 101: A Summary

My LDR experience has been generally positive. The class is inviting and interesting, the discussions are riveting and engaging, and the subject matters have all been fascinating to me. But I have to say, this class has been a little stressful. Between failing the individual exams and stress-writing an argumentative essay, I’d be lying if […]