Cocaine: It’s Not Worth the Pain

A video PSA about cocaine done for the LDR 102 A – The Art of Communicating Science class at Agnes Scott College. Watch here.  

LDR 101 Risk Reflection

This is a reflection for my LDR 101 class. The prompt states the following: Over the weekend, go out and do something totally new for you. Type 1 page reflecting on the experience– what you did, why you did it, how you felt before, during, after? What did you learn? 1 September 2015 I didn’t do anything spectacular this weekend. In fact, it was quite ordinary. I did the things I usually do on weekends: sleep, eat, sleep some more, work on homework, teach at my masjid’s Sunday school. I simply did all the things I needed to do. However, …

Our Own Womanhouse

   The final project in this course tested and tried our group of students. At the time, it seemed like it had flown by so quickly and everything went smoothly but looking back, we conquered quite the beast of an assignment. After learning all semester about different styles of collaboration in art, my group was … Continue reading Our Own Womanhouse

Final Reflection

Ashlyn Edwards March 03,2016 Individual Reflection   During the final project I felt like I was forced to come out of my comfort zone. I don’t talk much and being that it was a collaboration project I had no choice. It was just two of us in a group so even if I wanted to… Read More

Metaphorical Me

The image above is comprised of three colors: beige, black and red.  Despite being composed of three colors, the color that captivates viewers and ultimately creates the essence of the image is the red. This can be seen in the leaves of the tree and in the various brush strokes painted on the silhouette. In […]