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Collaborative Final Project

February 2, 2016 Today I met with my group for the first time. My groups consist of myself (obviously) Ash, Kennedy, Margaret, and Jessica. Margaret and Jessica weren’t in class today, so when we were brainstorming ideas I really wish that they could have been there because I feel like having us all there on […]


Blog Summary and Analysis

Based on looking at two of my peers blogs i found some similarities and differences. One of my peer’s blogs that i read was from Roxanna Torres. In her blogs, she gave summaries of what was discussed on class. For example, she wrote about comments that were discussed on Incognegro by Mat Johnson. In addition, […]


February 11, 2016

Today in class we discussed about justice. In my group I shared how justice plays or not in the novel. For example, there was not any justice because his twin brother was held captive while being free of having committed a crime. Although, one way that justice is serve is by Incognegro himself serving justice […]


LDR 102 – Individual Representations

February 2 In class, Ashlyn, Ashlee, and I (Jessica and Margaret were out sick) agreed  to do our project on racial injustice. We all contributed to making this decision by summarizing out passion papers, so I think this will be a good collaboration. February 7 Over the weekend, Team 2…


January 28, 2016

This week my group and I worked on our short presentation prompt. We met up and decided on a topic that we all agreed on, women in poverty in the United States. After that we all researched about the topic to present in class. In my case, I was able to develop survey and interview […]