This year I am taking Spanish. After traveling to Nicaragua I grew an interest in furthering this language. I already  knew the basic well enough to communicate certain things but I want to be able to have a fluent conversation with someone. I have been doing well so far with this language and I am… Read More

Global Trip Nicaragua

Being apart of the first group for the Summit program at Agnes Scott College was unique. I got to travel to Nicaragua and visit many groups thats involved women and children dealing with abuse sexually, physically, and verbally. The food was amazing especially trying cultural foods. The second place we stayed had unique architecture that… Read More

Cocaine: It’s Not Worth the Pain

A video PSA about cocaine done for the LDR 102 A – The Art of Communicating Science class at Agnes Scott College. Watch here.  

Reflection Paper

While in a diverse women’s college environment there are a lot of opinions and everyone wants to be heard. It is not always easy to speak your mind. It takes […]

Marriage Is Not Equality

With the legalization of marriage the LGBTQIA+ community still faces issues within the community. Our group decided to focus on such issues through the representation of mannequins sharing the stories of […]