Portfolio Entry Nine: Death of a Salesman

The play’s plot deals with the psychological degradation of Willy Loman, the play’s protagonist. In addition to this, the plot also deals with the overall economic downfall of the Loman family. This play, which takes place during the late 1940s, goes against the American Dream lifestyle that is typically associated with this time period. By […]


Over the course of the semester, I have gained valuable insight from the “What To Do About Disagreement” LDR course. From the course, I have learned that although disagreement can be very annoying, it can be very beneficial to us. If we do not argue about certain topics (such as if absolute morality exists, etc.) … Continue reading Reflection

Assignment 2 Draft 2

Levi Wang LDR 101-N-Fall 2015 Submission date: 12/09/2015 Draft: 2 Days in The Party One time I went to a shop to buy some new cloth to make Alex a shirt. When I walked into the shop, the oversized woman underwear astonished me. I was confused. I asked to see the manager and asked him, […]

Assignment 7 Draft 2

Levi Wang LDR 101-N-Fall 2015 Submission date: 12/10/2015 Draft: 2 Dear Mr. Lee, How do you do? I am Levi Wang from Agnes Scott College. Your movie, Do The Right Thing, is very interesting and deep, especially on the portrait of how Mookie balances the reality and his responsibilities. Moreover, this movie also implies some […]

Who Said Journalism Was Dead?

Making the news great again. This seems to be the overarching theme in Aaron Sorkin’s newest drama, The Newsroom. The pilot episode, “We Just Decided To”, makes a not-so-subtle attempt to proclaim the deterioration of modern news and criticize the … Continued