Portfolio Entry Seven: Doubt

The origin of my doubt derives from those moments when I lack confidence.  Though I may appear to be calm during those moments (because I prefer to not others see me being vulnerable), my mind is rapidly racing and attempting to find security and confidence among my doubt. In addition to when I lack confidence, […]

Portfolio Entry Six: Real People

The use of a real person as a character in a play by a playwright brings a realistic appeal to a fictitious piece. One example that we have encountered in our class this semester is John Logan’s use of the artist Mark Rothko in the play Red. In addition to using a real person, Logan […]

Portfolio Entry Four: Imagery

When one views a Mark Rothko piece, one sees a canvas that contains several blocks of color.  However, there is more complexity to these pieces than what is seen at first glance. Also Rothko, who is known for this use of these multiple bands of colors, uses multiple coats of paint in order to further […]

Portfolio Entry One: Introduction

Among the many icebreaker activities that I have participated in, this project definitely has placed a new educational spin on the typical introduction activity.  This activity consisted in each student bringing in an item that best represented her. In addition to bringing an item, this activity also consisted in each student selecting another student’s object […]

Portfolio Entry Two: Object/Image Assignment

Prior to the first day of class, Dr. Thompson sent an email describing the first assignment. This assignment consisted of each student bringing an object to class that best personified her. Upon being assigned this task, I was unsure as to what object to bring. Every object that I thought represented me well was four […]