Reflection on LDR 101 – What to do About Disagreement

I came into this course thinking that I would learn reasons why people disagree and how to deal with these disagreements. In some regards I learned exactly that, but what I took most from this course was learning how to work in a group. I learned how leadership, communication and teamwork could lead to learning […]

Reflection of LDR

This semester’s LDR 101 was especially unforgettable to me throughout my 13 years’ schooling experience. Philosophy was originally a horrible topic to me since I thought it was not only useful to my life but also too complicated to be understand. Undoubtedly, I could not accept this course when I was taking it this in ... [Read more...]

Portfolio Entry Three: Concerns

As the orientation phase of freshman year winds down officially with the introduction of assignments that will be turned in for a grade, what serves as my greatest excitement is the just the work in general. Although it sounds strange for a student to actually want to begin doing projects, papers, and oral presentations, it […]

Portfolio Entry Eight: Difficult Material

My approach to overcoming material that I find to be difficult is to step back, reassess the situation, and then try again. Although it may appear to be a brief process, it actually occurs in stages, with the first stage being my attempt at the material before I declare it difficult. From there, I refrain […]

Portfolio Entry Five: Discoveries (+/-)

To start, I would like to touch on the fact of how quickly time has passed since I arrived to Agnes Scott College. To think that I am already half-way done with my first semester in college (and one-fourth a way done with my first year) is truly remarkable.  I have learned many lessons in […]