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An Aging Population, Without the Doctors to Match

Originally from September 2015 The flood of aging adults entering a nursing homes and developing haunting diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia are making their families realize how little help there is for patients and their families alike. Most medical students (97%) do not take geriatrics courses and there are mostly questions, not answers, for the …

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Daniel Thompson, Whose Bagel Machine Altered the American Diet, Dies at 94

Originally from September 2015 The inventor of the bagel machine, introducing drama and irrevocable change to the bagel world, died. His invention forever changed the market for bagels and has moved the food from traditional to a private group to a modern staple. He also invented the foldable ping-pong table with wheels. Original content from …

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Protecting Pope Francis Means Being Able to Stop on a Dime

originally from September 2015 When Francis arrives in the United States on Tuesday for a five-day visit, the Secret Service will take the lead in what is considered by national security experts to be excruciatingly difficult: protecting a pope who does not want to stay in his popemobile. Originally content from this New York Times …

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LDR 101 Risk Reflection

This is a reflection for my LDR 101 class. The prompt states the following: Over the weekend, go out and do something totally new for you. Type 1 page reflecting on the experience– what you did, why you did it, how you felt before, during, after? What did you learn? 1 September 2015 I didn’t do anything spectacular this weekend. In fact, it was quite ordinary. I did the things I usually do on weekends: sleep, eat, sleep some more, work on homework, teach at my masjid’s Sunday school. I simply did all the things I needed to do. However, …



Based on my Strengths Quest results I chose three that I felt I displayed the most. These strengths included: Restorative Adaptability Strategic The first theme I feel I display the most is being restorative. I constantly find myself trying to improve. To me nothing is perfect. Everything can been fixed or enhanced. Also, I always … Continue reading “Strengths”