Portfolio Entry One: Introduction

Among the many icebreaker activities that I have participated in, this project definitely has placed a new educational spin on the typical introduction activity.  This activity consisted in each student bringing in an item that best represented her. In addition to bringing an item, this activity also consisted in each student selecting another student’s object […]

Portfolio Entry Two: Object/Image Assignment

Prior to the first day of class, Dr. Thompson sent an email describing the first assignment. This assignment consisted of each student bringing an object to class that best personified her. Upon being assigned this task, I was unsure as to what object to bring. Every object that I thought represented me well was four […]

Portfolio Entry Nine: Death of a Salesman

The play’s plot deals with the psychological degradation of Willy Loman, the play’s protagonist. In addition to this, the plot also deals with the overall economic downfall of the Loman family. This play, which takes place during the late 1940s, goes against the American Dream lifestyle that is typically associated with this time period. By […]

Extra Portfolio Entry #11: Choosing Dramatic Leadership

When I first read over the options for the Freshman LDR courses, I immediately chose Dramatic Leadership as my first choice. I am a theater person through and through, and I found it fascinating that we would be studying how playwrights have been portraying leaders. I thought that surely it would not be a bad … Continue reading Extra Portfolio Entry #11: Choosing Dramatic Leadership

Extra Portfolio Entry #10: Theater and Expression

How is theater/drama like other forms of expression? How is it unique? Theater in and of itself is all about the ways that the human body and voice can express itself. Sure, staging, lighting, sound effects, costumes, and other elements of the stage can help actors in their expression, but if you took away the … Continue reading Extra Portfolio Entry #10: Theater and Expression