One Minute Assertion

Word Doc: Bottled Water Assertion 9.17.15   Despite what companies present to the public, bottled water is not necessarily safer than tap water.  According to the National Resources Defense Council much of the seemingly positive information spread by bottled water companies is, in fact, a result of mislabeling.  Examples of mislabeling from the NRDC’s report spread …

Picture Description

Just as a general description, this image shows the kitchen in my home.  It’s characteristically messy and only one light is on as it is early morning – and no one else was up and about when I took the picture.  In regards to how this picture describes an aspect of myself that is not …

Reflection #9: Death of a Salesman

Would you consider Death of a Salesman an American Classic? I most definitely consider Death of a Salesman to be an American classic. Unlike many play’s out there,  Death of a Salesman, shows the not so cheerful side of living in America, which the majority lives in. The struggle of having the job you want, being able to pay your … Continue reading Reflection #9: Death of a Salesman

Reflection #8: Difficult Material

How do you approach material that is difficult, challenging, or upsetting? How do you think about it or try to process it? I personally have a hard time dealing with difficult material. Usually, the material that is difficult for me is material that upsets me. So in order to avoid being upset, I often avoid the material itself. … Continue reading Reflection #8: Difficult Material

Portfolio Entry Three: Concerns

As the orientation phase of freshman year winds down officially with the introduction of assignments that will be turned in for a grade, what serves as my greatest excitement is the just the work in general. Although it sounds strange for a student to actually want to begin doing projects, papers, and oral presentations, it […]