Afternoon in Ueno

A photographer I am not, but I tried to document the best as I could my visit to the Ueno garden. My first check off the bucket list is complete! P.S. If anyone doubted if Tokyo was actually crowded, I provide this picture as reference:

Sakura Vibes

I’ll be honest – I was having some fears yesterday when I arrived on campus for my tour. The industrial look of the campus was quite different than the grassy collegiate Gothic look of Agnes Scott. I had a hard time connecting with the other international students, and began worrying that I wouldn’t make friends. It hit me for the…



  Listened to 5 episodes of my murder podcast Was told that by the lady sitting next to me that Agnes Scott was a finishing school Tried to leave my phone on the airport shuttle Went to the supermarket on my own and desperately wished there was an international sign for “I’m a stupid American that doesn’t know what she’s…


Taking Off

In five days, I’ll be on my way to the airport to board my flight to Japan. By this time on Thursday I might even be in the air, settled in with a pillow and the in-flight movies. Studying abroad in Japan is the realization of a dream that I’ve had before I even started college. I’m beyond excited and…