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Saying Goodbye

These past few weeks have been a blur. First I was holing up with the books as I prepared for my final exam, and then I was frantically fitting in loads of last minute trips in my last week here. I haven’t been posting on the blog like I wanted too, even though I’ve been putting pictures on my instagram…




Last Sunday, I went to the Ueno Park Zoo with my host family. The weather was brutal, with a heat index of over a hundred, but that didn’t stop us from bravely tackling the crowds, in a hope to catch a glimpse of the zoo’s most famous animal. In fact, next to Hachiko, it might be the most famous animal…



Birthday at Mount Fuji

This past weekend, I celebrated my 21st birthday. It was different from all the ones I had before – I wasn’t with my family, or my friends from back home. I didn’t wake up in my bed and opened presents in the living room. My family didn’t sing me their special version of happy birthday when the cake was brought…



Stuck in the Mud

This weekend, I had the good fortune to go on a school field trip to a farm in Fukushima. The bus ride was long, but the experience was worth it – I got to do everything from planting mushrooms,to viewing bonsai, to tasting local sake. The highlight of the trip, however, was probably one of the dirtiest tasks known to…



Getting Real/Halfway Through

Hi everyone. First off, I’m sorry for the radio silence. I’d like to say it’s just because I’ve been so incredibly overwhelmed by all the amazing things I’ve doing – although I have been enjoying myself. But another part of it is that I just haven’t had motivation to post anything for a while. I haven’t felt like I’ve had…