Panama is a Paradise of Diversity, My Global 101 Journey

Better late then never, right? This post is long over due and now that I have some free time I would like to tell you all about my Global 101 Journey to Panama. The focus of my class was Race & Civilization, Panama provided an excellent host for this class because Panama is home to ...

toronto post

i took this picture of the vibrant carpet outside of the iranian bakery. i am not sure of the name, as it is in farsi. rebecca pitched the idea of going to the iranian/persian part of toronto, but explained that it was quite a trek – riding the subway all the way up to finch […]

general anxieties, worries, troubles, etc.

when we first started this journey (wordplay necessary), march felt so far away. all that I knew was that I would be going to Toronto, the journey I most wanted to take. after the initial excitement of something going right for me, I started to become worried about who I would be on this week […]

on being a tourist

Image is a big thing for me. It takes me entirely too long to get dressed, and I am privy to changing clothes fourteen times before I decide on a final option, regardless of the occasion. I really analyze the pros and cons of doing eyeliner or not, depending on the longevity of my day […]