Rastor vs Vector: PIXELS!

Although I’ve noticed the stark difference between the two programs (Photoshop and illustrator) all throughout the course, I feel that it is especially noticeable when working on my final/animation… Due to the fact that I do 98% of my art in pixels, it is rather easy to tell when an image has been resized, as … Continue reading Rastor vs Vector: PIXELS!

Final Cut

I’m just going to start out by saying this: I absolutely LOVE Final Cut Pro. It’s way easier to use than Windows MovieMaker, for one – No need to worry about the picture quality, saving, etc. Another plus is that the pre-installed sound bank is loads of fun to play with! I enjoyed toying with … Continue reading Final Cut

Bullet Journaling 101: Your Life Just Got Easier

The 21st century can be so demanding. Our schedules are filling up by the hour and the random sticky notes

Progress on Final

So, after a bit of careful thinking, I finally decided on the complete plot for my animation: The two fonts, New Gothic and Willow, are created from the transformation of the word “music” from Times New Roman to something else.  They bicker over the definition of their “music” (New Gothic wants soft rock/nu-metal/shoegaze, whereas Willow … Continue reading Progress on Final

Ublend Discussion reflection

Although I am not a huge fan of Ublend, I appreciate the time taken for this little Q &A session – after all from what I’ve seen there is no forum function to officially address concerns about the platform. Thus, I felt doing this was quite important for the creator to review some common (and … Continue reading Ublend Discussion reflection