Sum400 Reflection #2

Spring semester of my Junior year at Agnes Scott was, for lack of better words, a time. Balancing my obligations as a student, a Senior Resident Assistant, a nanny, and for the first time, an intern, proved to be quite the challenge. Both in order […]

Realizing A Future Reality

The summer after my junior year, I had the opportunity to conduct research in the Peterson Lab as part of Washington University in St. Louis DBBS Summer Program. This experience was vastly different from my first REU in that it was at a larger institution, I did not have a set research project, and the […]

Reflection on Internship

“Business Chart Showing Success” by SalFalko is licensed underAttribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0) I am thankful to the Agnes Scott alumnae network because that is how I received an internship offer at a big financial company last year. By finding this internship opportunity, I was able to find a older Agnes Scott alum and maintain out […]

Reflection 1 for SUM 400

Reflection 1: This most recent summer I completed an extensive internship at a dentist’s office in Decatur, GA that was the first real step, in my mind, into my future career. I worked at the office for 14 weeks, logging over 375 hours at the practice completing a variety of activities, learning about the logistics …

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When You’re Unique But Your Resume Template isn’t

Imagine eating at a Michelin 3-star restaurant and  the dish you are about to be served is a creamy parmigiana