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Sophia Gottlieb Professor James Diedrick International Atlanta LDR 101 14, December, 2015 High School dropouts and Graduation Rates High School ...

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Transgender people tend to face a number of problems dealing with discrimination, prejudice, and even violence towards themselves due to the fact of their personal gender identity. Even in the most progressive higher-education institutions in America, transgender students still face these problems. The presence of these concerns while in the context of an educational setting … Continue reading Topic Introduction

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Public High School dropouts Public School dropouts and graduate rates has become a very serious issue that has become more ...

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Intersectionality in Motion

Olivia Latham James Diedrick 12/12/2015 Intersectionality in Motion: A Real Life Application of Intersectionality What would you do if your life was threatened by merely walking on the street? It […]