My Artist Talk Experience- Thomas Hart Benton

My approach when preparing for my artist talk was very sporadic and I didn’t really know what I should be doing. I have never given an artist talk before, and if I am being honest I put most of my research and preparation time till the last minute. I did generally research on my art...

5 Ideas to Explore Following In-Depth Research Mini Project

Portrayal of revolutionary women during revolution. Female artists in pop-culture protests art regarding women (speaks about women or women’s issues) feminist art groups/collectives portrayal of women of color in popular media

In-Depth Research Mini Project Reflection

For this mini project, I started out by doing a general search of “anime artist.” I noticed that while I was researching that I place a large importance on images. When searching the artist, a list of artists popped up with images. I picked an artist based on the image and notices that I was … Continue reading In-Depth Research Mini Project Reflection