Accessible Space

Use the IT one button space for writing, do a demo, create an article on it. (in the article use the space to video me talking about the use of the space).  

invest in the identity formation of “I am a technologist”

Encourage the students who are learning the technology that they ARE technologists. Do this from the start. As first years come in and learn wordpress, word, presentation software, discipline specific software etc, that they are the ones in charge. Invest in self-confidence. There isn’t someone else who “knows all” but consdier crowd sourcing as a […]

interdisciplinary course on persuasive images

Can we create a course that uses info graphics (graphs) and other images to discuss how an image can persuade one way or the other? Is this a plug in?  

Military forms

Fraud waste and abuse after action report

Notes from GBL 102 New York Art

JORDAN CASTEEL Studio Museum in Harlem “What’s up Painter”–Jordan living and working in Harlem, paints her community. So they know her, and talk to her when they see her on the street. Kite man: Jordan saw him from the window, went out and made his acquaintance, then saw him at Penn station “you’re Kevin” , […]