Reflection #1

  My LDR-101 course, How Do I Look?, examines how people create identity visually. It focuses on contemporary art and how the artists have used art to create their identity and express themselves. The course examines Womanhouse, an art project from the 1970s. Womanhouse was about feminism and the identity of women. Throughout the course we also study other art

Metiphorical Me

I chose this picture for my “Metaphorical Me” assignment. It expresses an aspect of myself that a lot of people do not know about and that is hard to imagine if you know me on a personal level.. It plainly expressions emotions that I have had, on and off, for the past couple of years. … Continue reading Metiphorical Me

Reflection 1

My LDR class is called How Do I Look. It’s a course that focuses on the visual aspect of things. This class will focus on feminist leadership and finding out different identities. This class is to engage us students in an interesting topic such as image and how we see ourselves as women. Also our ethnicities and even our sexual