Showing and Learning Project

          The showing and learning project was an intense process starting from forming an idea, to receiving feedback on it, creating it, presenting and receiving more feedback on it, it truly was an exhausting process. However,...

Self- Reflection Project

Self- Reflection Project: Visual and Learning Statement Visual Statement: The broken mirror represents me because I always describe my life as a broken glass that I am trying to fix. This description relates to my leadership seminar because I am finally starting to realize that the more I try to keep everything together and “fix” … Continue reading Self- Reflection Project

LDR Final Project

Learning Statement             If I were to chose one thing from this LDR class that matters the most to me it would be the ability to make connections. Making connections was not as stressed in class as much as some other skills, but it was integral to the daily process logs, where we had to … Continue reading LDR Final Project

Process of Looking Assignments

SummaryPaper and Notemaking Practices of Looking Image Paper

Papers for September 20015

ASCLogoPaper ObjectImagePaper ASCLogoPaper