Showing Learning/Leading Project– Papers

Showing Learning Personal Statement Draft Showing Learning Personal Statement Draft 2 Showing Learning Visual Description-Explanation Suggestions about Showing learning Presentation Final Thoughts Paper Showing Learning Personal Statement Draft 3 Prese...

Learning Statement

Karrie Jackson Learning Statement The activities (sharing ideas with different peers, working together in groups to create a project and peer writing are most significant for my understanding and learning in leadership. The activities help me to get a feel of what it might be like later on in my academic career here at Agnes as well my in career

Artist Statement

  Karrie Jackson                                                       Artist Statement         As an introduction to this course, we, the students, were asked to bring in an object or image that represents us. I chose one of my favorite bows. It is slightly less than massive and its color is blue,  my favorite color.  My bow represents everything about my personality that I have