GBL 101 Reflection

It’s hard to pin down a definition for a word like “global.” What does anyone mean when they claim something is a global issue? Do they mean it’s an issue that affects the Mother Earth? An issue that effects people all over the globe? An issue that affects the people that “matter” all over the… Read More

Global Definition

“Global” is the interactions between individuals and the world around them. It is both the positive and negative aspects that come from being connected with individuals in not only different countries but also different cities. It encompasses the conflict, the awareness and the understanding that is the result of our differences and similarities. Global is […]

What Is Global?

Global in its broad definition is “relating to the whole world.” An emphasis placed on the ability of two cultures to relate one another in a way that transcends physical boundaries or proximity of the two. In this sense we focus on the exchange between the two as they learn about the other. This interaction … Continue reading What Is Global?