Journal Entry – Week 6

Before a majority of the first year class set out to travel,  we heard from a panelist of professors expressing their ideas of globalization and what it means to live in a time where it’s immensely important to know. Below I have a journal entry with my response to what I heard.

Journal Entry – Week 5

In our Global 102 sessions this week, I learned why it is so import to treat a foreign place as more than a tourist attraction. In both film screenings for the week, I witnessed the other side of two fairly well-known places that people tend to vacation to or simply have a good time. New … Continue reading Journal Entry – Week 5

Popsicles and Poison

The room smelled like decay. It was white-washed, with large armchairs that looked as though they would sooner swallow you whole than allow you to become at ease in their embrace.  It was a wasteland of broken dreams and shattered hopes, the place where people came to die. That’s all I could see in this… Read More

What journeys have books taken you on? Movies? Music?

Books, movies, and music can transport you into another dimension or realm. It also connects people from all over the world, from different cultures and backgrounds. When you heard the word the journey what you think about? Well, I know personally when I heard the word journey I think of some sort of trip. It can be emotional, physical or mental. I believe that movies, books, and music cam take us on journeys that we would not be able to take normally. When I choose to read leisurely and for my own entertainment, I tend to read books that are fiction. My favorite fiction genre’s are Mystery & Thriller, and Sci-fi & Fantasy. While reading you are able to dive into the characters’s head and life. As I read I usually embody the character in the book as I read. So while reading I am on the journey of the main character or characters. All of my favorite movies are movies that contain dancing. That’s because I can connect with actors and actresses, plus dance is something I am strongly passionate about. One of my fave movies is “Step Up 2: the streets”, it ties together dancers from different communities, [...]