Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington & the Dublin Castle Monument

In my Irish Literature course, we read Dubliners by James Joyce, and in writing a paper about the novel, I began researching the Irish suffragist movement; during my research, I learned about the IWFL—the Irish Women’s Franchise League, which was estab...

Journeys: Toronto – Cultural Connections through Story

GBL102K- Blog Entries Portfolio A compilation of journal entries taken throughout the course in order to document the literal journey that we took and the journey of growth that I went through throughout the course.

Think Global: Part 1- Made for More

This afternoon, I sat down with Jennifer Lund, the Associate Dean for International Education at Agnes Scott College. In less

Journal Entry – Week 8

Considering the common discussion on Tuesday and the in-class discussion today, write about one thing that you confirmed about what your learned from being in New York AND one experience/perspectives shared by one of your peers (in another class or in ours) that is different than your learning experience.  Be sure to articulate the “so … Continue reading Journal Entry – Week 8

Journal Entry – Week 7

Before parting for our Journey trip to New York, we also created learning contracts to refer to while on our trip. Here is my journal entry commenting on the process of making my contract: