“Mapping” a Global Experience

Story behind the art I saw this automobile in the Brooklyn Museum. The first thing I noticed was a slogan written on the back: “Call Him Ishwar, Allah, Wahe-Gure, or Shri Ram, if you will; these are but different names for the one creator.” There was an audio inside this automobile that was in the Hindi language. I immediately realized

Reflection #8

My Experiences and perspectives New York City is a very crowded place. It is very difficult to travel in New York City. Everybody moves very fast and I had to move very fast too. The majority of the people use public transportations or they either walk. In Georgia, most of the people tend to ride their own cars and I

Reflection #7

Process of creating the learning contract I was always fascinated to visit the Statue of Liberty. I first saw a picture of the Liberty when I was in Nepal. I heard that Statue of Liberty it is on the Island. I used to wonder how a statue can be on the Island. I had a huge desire to go, New

Fourth Reflection

In my perspective, I see that Yo/Yo sculpture and Michael Fired’s ‘Art and Objecthood’ have a correlation. On (Fired 823) Fired says “literalist art conceives of itself as neither one nor the other on the contrary, it is motivated by specific reservations, or worse, about both; and it aspires perhaps not exactly, or not immediately, to displace them, but, in