Reflection Log #9

Positive and Negative aspects of Globalization in New York In my own definition, I have always described globalization as the diversity, trading, development, and positive relationships between countries. In my global class, we mostly focused on how to make our New York trip successful. We focused on the aspects that we would visit in New York. Our assigned reading was

My Global Final Project

My Global Final Project – Small (1)

My role as a global citizen

I used to define globalization through the perspectives of economic. I used to think globalization is to have good relationships with other countries and trade with them to sustain the relationships bond. In addition, I used to think that it is vital to go aboard and do the volunteer work in order to define myself as a better global citizenship.

Reflection on complection of each objective/intention

I made three specific learning goals before traveling to the New York. The first goal was to learn more about Statue of Liberty by physically visiting that Island. The second goal was to learn more about Ellis Island and add more information to my research about Ellis Island. The third goal was to observe and study the culture and people

Global Learning Contract

Personal Development In class, Professor Smith taught us how different New York is from Georgia. She provided us many articles and readings to help us become a mindful traveler. We read one article in class and it was based on how to walk in the New York. We saw several pictures related to New York City and we tried our