invest in the identity formation of “I am a technologist”

Encourage the students who are learning the technology that they ARE technologists. Do this from the start. As first years come in and learn wordpress, word, presentation software, discipline specific software etc, that they are the ones in charge. Invest in self-confidence. There isn’t someone else who “knows all” but consdier crowd sourcing as a […]

stalwart certain square to wonky nuanced circles to topo map to mountain range

can I make this graphically? A depiction of the universe, maybe I could animate it, as the point of view changes from flat to overview to side view, from 2d to 3d depcted to 2d and then into 3d (can I make a 3d print of it?) graphic, then topo map, the...

Discoverability is a public good–we are all artists now

Digital pedagogy and humanities increases “discoverability” across platforms. Education changes with technology so that it is not just for the Academy, but bleeds across borders, becomes publically accessible. Increasing discoverability is a public good. We don’t form knowledge to hoard it. {gift economy} Considerations: Traditionally, the more difficult it is to get into a journal, the […]

2nd year award

Can president make a second year award for best portfolio use? Can it be a prestiguous presidential award? Or form the Gue’s leadership/global institutes? (one from each?)