Response to “Why Travel?”

Last semester, in Global 101, we read this article, and I loved it, especially the opening. I wrote it down and shared it with people, but I didn’t truly connect with the experience of travel that Iyer wrote about in the piece. Throughout this semester, we have further explored thee reason for travel and who […]


I remember walking on the winding trail, not sure what I was supposed to be feeling but knowing that I felt something. The echo of a thousand souls before me, or the feel of the wind rustling my hair, or the comfort of knowing my family and my best friend were walking this ancient trail beside… Read More

Academic Development Paper

A Feast for the Eyes Out of the six plays that we saw in New York, I was told to choose only three to talk...

Global Citizenship Paper

The Purple King I got the chance of a lifetime this spring and got to see 6 plays, 5 on Broadway, and 1 off Broadway....

Reflection of Global Contract

At first, I was very confused as to why we made learning contracts. It may have been the fact that I had my contract sent...