Week 9

Name and describe at least one aspect of globalization that you witnessed on our trip.  What are some positive things about globalization that you witnessed?...

Reflecting on the Journey

The image featured is of one of the subway stops–Yonge-Bloor– where we frequently got on and off to travel around Toronto. As you wait and even as you ride the train, you are surrounded by so many different cultures. The woman in front of you is on the phone speaking in an African dialect. The […]

Response to Readings

Professor Emert told us that this reading was not like the others that we had in the past– both pieces were longer and were not formatted like the other readings. After hearing this, I immediately conjured up the image of a twenty page textbook style piece that was dry and had no interesting aspect. The […]

Mapping Assignment

This image was taken at the 9/11 memorial. There is a massive pool with water coming down the sides. There are people in the distance...

Where Am I Now?

As I stare at the blank page and think of the daunting question of where I am I now, so much and so little runs through my mind. But one key thing that continues to be a common theme is mindful. This semester and this course have definitely pushed me into being a more mindful […]