Academic Learning Goal

Academic Learning Goal   My academic learning goal was to find three pictures that contain psychological disorders, states of minds, or emotions. I was able to accomplish this goal by attending museums and by my knowledge of psychology. I was also able to complete this by reflecting on Titi in the Window, Mood Disorder, and […]

Global Learning Goal

Difference in Culture   My global learning goal was to compare and to contrast two restaurants based on their culture. In New York City I visited two Mexican restaurants “Noche Mexicana” and “El Aguila”. I tried the food in both places and also took notes on their interior and exterior design. Based on my notes […]

February 26, 2016

  This week our class presented presentations regarding different places in New York City. For example, my peer and I presented The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Other students presented museums and/or different neighborhoods located in NY. In my opinion, this was helpful because I was able to gain knowledge about the places I will […]

February 20, 2016

On Tuesday, professors from different fields were brought together to talk about Globalization. From their discussion, they brought on topics that described globalization are being both positive and negative. Some positive aspects were that globalization helps build connections with different countries, and that it helps develop sustainability in rural countries. However, the negative effects of […]

February 12, 2016

This week our class focused on globalization and immigration. We talked about this topic by watching two films and reading articles. In class, we discussed the two films Triangle Factory Fire and Life and Debt. The Triangle Factory Fire was about what led a factory fire to occur. In this case, it was because of […]