April 11, 2016 week 9

This week we our class went over some of my peer’s future presentations. As a class we gave them suggestions, advice, and/or other contributions. In addition, I also presented my idea to the class and they helped me finalize my project. My project of NYC will consist of a movie trailer of my experience. Along […]

March 25, 2016

On Tuesday and Thursday, we had a common discussion about our experience/perspective from our trips. The only difference was that on Tuesday we had the discussion with people that did not participate in the New York trip. This discussion was relevant to me because it allowed me to see other perspectives from other people who […]

Final Project Connection

  Final Project Connection   My final project is based on a visual video that reflected things I saw at New York City. I am also going to talk about how being in New York I was also able to find out more about the Indian culture by having eaten at three Indian restaurants. That […]

Personal Reflection on Completing Learning Goals and Trip ( Personal Statement)

Personal Reflection on Completing Learning Goals and Trip   My trip to New York City ended up to being a great success. Not only was I able to visit the city for the first time but I also got to travel with wonderful people. It is clear to say that the extended walks and exploring […]

Personal Development Goal

  Personal Development   My personal learning goal was to reflect on three theater performances. I said I was going to accomplish this by staying focused during the performances, writing about them during intermission, and about what I liked or did not like about them. The three performances I reflected on were Smart People, Chicago, […]