When Educational Travel Does Not Educate

This is an essay for my GBL 102 course. It’s a discussion of a film we watched for class called Traces of the Trade. When one learns about one’s place in the system of oppression that is inherent in one’s society, the natural response should be to try to think about the people who are oppressed, rather than focusing solely on one’s own feelings about being part of the system. Katrina Browne’s documentary, Traces of the Trade, documents the experience of 10 DeWolf descendants as they respond to their ancestors’ establishment of the largest slave trading family in United States history. …

In Toronto

This is a picture of a mural I saw on a small tour given by one of the elderly women who we helped at Montgomery’s Inn. Islington. On the left the mural has all white kids in black and white; whereas, on the right it shows kids of multiple cultures in radiant colors. The mural […]

Thinking about Traveling

I am excited and nervous for our upcoming trip to Toronto. I am ready to see the different lifestyle and experience their way of life. Being able to see new sights and learn new things are just a few of what excites me. I really can’t wait to enjoy their cuisine. I love food! With […]

Who am I as a tourist?

I hate to say it, but I am the average “Annoying Predictable American Tourist.” As a tourist, I have been especially self centered. All the times I have traveled to places other than Georgia, I have focused on my satisfaction. I usually only want to go to places that are entertaining, the main attractions. I […]

Week 1 Personal Identity Mapping

Week 1 (1/21/16): This week my GBL NYC Art class went over small details for our trip, got to know one another in groups, made personal identity maps, and discussed “The Mindful Traveler”. One interesting thing that I confirmed about myself through identity mapping is that I am very passionate about the people around me. … Continue reading "Week 1 Personal Identity Mapping"