When Educational Travel Does Not Educate

This is an essay for my GBL 102 course. It’s a discussion of a film we watched for class called Traces of the Trade. When one learns about one’s place in the system of oppression that is inherent in one’s society, the natural response should be to try to think about the people who are oppressed, rather than focusing solely on one’s own feelings about being part of the system. Katrina Browne’s documentary, Traces of the Trade, documents the experience of 10 DeWolf descendants as they respond to their ancestors’ establishment of the largest slave trading family in United States history. …

Subway Presentation

PowerPoint: SUBWAY presentation

Subway Essay

Word Doc: Subway Essay     Sophia Malikyar Final Essay GBL 102 The Subway as a Social Arena   Travelling to New York was a truly amazing experience.  The lights, the sounds, the streets, the buildings, all of it came together to make up the fabulous city.  But for all that the city was incredible, I …