The release of the Invisible Hand

As a way to coupe with all the new changes in my life I have been advised by almost everyone at Agnes  to document every step of my journey. At first, when I was told this as first year it was in one ear and out the other. Professors and parents may seem like they don’t […]

When Educational Travel Does Not Educate

This is an essay for my GBL 102 course. It’s a discussion of a film we watched for class called Traces of the Trade. When one learns about one’s place in the system of oppression that is inherent in one’s society, the natural response should be to try to think about the people who are oppressed, rather than focusing solely on one’s own feelings about being part of the system. Katrina Browne’s documentary, Traces of the Trade, documents the experience of 10 DeWolf descendants as they respond to their ancestors’ establishment of the largest slave trading family in United States history. …

Cocaine: It’s Not Worth the Pain

A video PSA about cocaine done for the LDR 102 A – The Art of Communicating Science class at Agnes Scott College. Watch here.  

LDR 101 Risk Reflection

This is a reflection for my LDR 101 class. The prompt states the following: Over the weekend, go out and do something totally new for you. Type 1 page reflecting on the experience– what you did, why you did it, how you felt before, during, after? What did you learn? 1 September 2015 I didn’t do anything spectacular this weekend. In fact, it was quite ordinary. I did the things I usually do on weekends: sleep, eat, sleep some more, work on homework, teach at my masjid’s Sunday school. I simply did all the things I needed to do. However, …

Frost/Nixon (10/20)

In Frost/Nixon, the approach by the playwright is much more limited than, say, the playwright of I Am My Own Wife. While both plays feature characters that were at some point actual, living, breathing people, the latter has more artistic capabilities. Frost/Nixon’s characters are constantly in the spotlight, so if the author were to veer off the […]