Letter to Incoming Freshmen

Hello Future Scotties, It is not hard to succeed in English 110; all you have to do is everything that I did not. There are numerous resources at your disposal and the professors are here to help you. As long as you reach out (sooner rather than later), there is no reason for you to … Continue reading "Letter to Incoming Freshmen"

Our Own Womanhouse

   The final project in this course tested and tried our group of students. At the time, it seemed like it had flown by so quickly and everything went smoothly but looking back, we conquered quite the beast of an assignment. After learning all semester about different styles of collaboration in art, my group was … Continue reading Our Own Womanhouse

LDR 101-How Do I Look? Final (Visual)

This photograph is of the right side of my Venn Diagram. This shows examples of my leadership including: a list of complaints I compiled from the Class of 2019 regarding Leadership 102, some emails from Leadership 102 Professors, and a copy of the email I sent to the Class of 2019. This is a photograph … Continue reading LDR 101-How Do I Look? Final (Visual)

LDR 101- How Do I Look? Final

Learning/Leading Statement Over this semester, I have learned about myself, namely how to assert myself and I have found my voice. I have also learned that being a leader is not always about getting your way. Sometimes just getting people to think or make compromises are accomplishments, too. Before coming to Agnes Scott College, I … Continue reading LDR 101- How Do I Look? Final