Finally (HA) Finished

After much suffering and agony that just comes standard with animation (with the added equivalent of creating music as well), I at last present to you my final animation, “Out of ConTEXT” !!!   It is meant to basically illustrate the transformation of meaning and interpretation of text based on font type and style. (shown … Continue reading Finally (HA) Finished

Benghazi Final Project:

Below is my final project for my Intro to World Politics Class. It is an episodic analysis of the events surrounding the Battle of Benghazi of September 11th, 2012. This is an extremely long post, so I put the actual assignment under the Read More tag to make it manageable. Episode 1: The Stage Libya … Continue reading Benghazi Final Project:

Rastor vs Vector: PIXELS!

Although I’ve noticed the stark difference between the two programs (Photoshop and illustrator) all throughout the course, I feel that it is especially noticeable when working on my final/animation… Due to the fact that I do 98% of my art in pixels, it is rather easy to tell when an image has been resized, as … Continue reading Rastor vs Vector: PIXELS!

Final Project Idea

I’m excited because I already know what I want to do! I want to produce a claymation/stopmotion animation that starts as a digital animation and transforms into a wonderland-esque setting. It may be on the topic of the meaning of words, based on type. I’m thinking of using  either the words “Dance”, “Friend”, or “Hobby” … Continue reading Final Project Idea

John Lewis’s Controversial March on Washington Speeches

United States Congressman John Lewis has had a lengthy battle in his fight for social justice and equality, having a career that spans half a century. While his passion for social justice, which was ignited by James Lawson, and his worked with the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) to integrate lunch counters started long before … Continue reading “John Lewis’s Controversial March on Washington Speeches”