Georgia Aquarium and Life After College

Yes, just Georgia Aquarium. It’s actually not the Georgia Aquarium– unless you’re just referring to it as the Aquarium. This is one of the things I learned during my internship at Georgia Aquarium in the summer after my sophomore year...

Poetry, Women’s Colleges, and Voice

When I came into my advanced poetry workshop about a month ago, my professor, Dr. Kamilah Aisha Moon, asked the three of us to go and read our poetry at the National Women’s Studies Association conference in November. She explained that she had b...

On Senior Seminars and Inspiration

It took me halfway through my senior seminar course to really begin to feel like I knew what I was writing about. For reference, senior seminar– or senior capstone, for some majors– is a senior year course that acts as a culmination of ever...


I remember walking on the winding trail, not sure what I was supposed to be feeling but knowing that I felt something. The echo of a thousand souls before me, or the feel of the wind rustling my hair, or the comfort of knowing my family and my best friend were walking this ancient trail beside… Read More

To Be Something Better

If I only had the ability to take away one thing from my time in Toronto, I could only hope that it would be the capacity to recognize and appreciate a productive struggle. This picture depicts art that is on the inside of a subway station in the middle of bustling Toronto. There is no easy… Read More