Digital Artist Talk run through: Tuesday 31 November

Tuesday 31 November, 2017 For Today’s class I would say that I was a little distracted and unprepared, but I went on anyway. For one, it’s Halloween and I have fun plans and I could not  wait to get my day over with to start those plans! But anyway, Today everyone in class gave a...

Digital Vita (and process)

PAR (professional activity report): ask faculty to do what we are asking students to do. Create in the portfolio a mechanism for reflecting on our own scholarship: create a category for Teaching, Scholarship and Service, and an uber category that is  “CV” (or PAR) that would also be a page. All categories would then go to...

Visual Literacy and why we need it.

What is visual literacy? And why is it important? In my digital processes class, we started off the class this fall 2016 with Brian Kennedy’s Tedx talk The class is combined with another art class (ART 144- visual thinking/Digital) which you may see in my later posts and both are taught by Professor Nell Ruby […]

Ideas for envisioning Dcenter future

combine: etc/its/cdvl ctl?