Reflection: For making this podcast I had to learn many different skills. First I had to learn record good quality audio. When I say good quality audio, I mean audio that I have never had the chance to record. Since I was unable to check some tools out at the Library, I resorted to […]


I remember walking on the winding trail, not sure what I was supposed to be feeling but knowing that I felt something. The echo of a thousand souls before me, or the feel of the wind rustling my hair, or the comfort of knowing my family and my best friend were walking this ancient trail beside… Read More

One Step Closer

“I hate Canada,” I tell Lady. She nods her head sympathetically, and in that moment we’re closer for our mutual, baseless loathing of an entire country.  We talk about how we would never, under any circumstances, visit this place that held our contempt. I’d never been good at keeping promises. “I think, one day, I… Read More

Popsicles and Poison

The room smelled like decay. It was white-washed, with large armchairs that looked as though they would sooner swallow you whole than allow you to become at ease in their embrace.  It was a wasteland of broken dreams and shattered hopes, the place where people came to die. That’s all I could see in this… Read More

A Certain Frame of Mind

The smell of Dexter’s throw up was thick in the air. The dog wouldn’t quit shifting on my lap, nauseous and uneasy about the three hours we’d spent in the car. I was tired, but Olivia was laughing next to me. She was singing along to some song that I can never seem to remember the… Read More