Visual Literacy and why we need it.

What is visual literacy? And why is it important? In my digital processes class, we started off the class this fall 2016 with Brian Kennedy’s Tedx talk The class is combined with another art class (ART 144- visual thinking/Digital) which you may see in my later posts and both are taught by Professor Nell Ruby […]

On Being a Creator

One year ago, I was in my tiny Winship room when my roommate walked in. “THERE’S A QUEER SHERLOCK HOLMES WEBSERIES” “uh hmm what?” “SOME KIDS AT FSU MADE SHERLOCK AND WATSON INTO QUEER GIRLS AND IT’S GREAT!” “Okay have fun with that, Daisy.” My love of webseries began then. All my favorite books and … Continue reading On Being a Creator

Visual Literacy, say what?

Visual Literacy? Whaaaattttt? You mean to tell me that there is a way to be visually literate? Like there’s a langauge to how we read images and interpret their meaning? YES, yes there indeed is, and it’s not as bad... Continue Reading →

Ublend founder Anders Krohn

September 7th 2016 Today in Digital Processes we skyped the co founder of Ublend, an online classroom communication app. It works similar to our college’s version of Moodle, but is much more simplified. The idea was to create a platform... Continue Reading →

Glenn Ligon