Project 2:


Evaluation 1: Summative Reflection

For these two Images I would like to think that I have created my own version of Feminist Propaganda. I was having a hard time in the beginning of this project and became frustrated, but when I came to my work. I started to play around with the masking feature and the gallery filters and
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Process Log 3: my own style

Today before class I created this image to go alone with my Personal is Political piece. I really like this and I am having a lot more fun with photoshop. I am creating the propaganda that I want to see. I like to make connections with my classes. Because I find that if I can
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I think I kinda like this process log 2

Today I think I have found my muse in digital processes. I am starting to play around and see what I like to do and I have created some images that I am starting to love and making a theme/series for myself that could become my own personal style which is really exciting. So, in
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