Poetry, Women’s Colleges, and Voice

When I came into my advanced poetry workshop about a month ago, my professor, Dr. Kamilah Aisha Moon, asked the three of us to go and read our poetry at the National Women’s Studies Association conference in November. She explained that she had b...

On Senior Seminars and Inspiration

It took me halfway through my senior seminar course to really begin to feel like I knew what I was writing about. For reference, senior seminar– or senior capstone, for some majors– is a senior year course that acts as a culmination of ever...

Losing Control

When Jane woke up and looked to her left the next morning, Bob was not there. She saw white sheets crumpled and the pillow dangling on the edge of the bed. She reached over, pulled the pillow back and smoothed out the wrinkles until the […]

The Salad

  I was holding a Caesar salad bowl, waiting for my plane at San Francisco International Airport, leaving for China for the summer break.   Romaine lettuce grew in urine-smelling ammonia gas from the fertilizer in the greenhouse. Croutons looked like porous kitchen sponge soaked […]

Flimsy Youth

  Rusty brown paper cone The toughness when I touch it belongs to the age but I am young, here, tonight Smoothly rolled, edges sealed But the fold is still there, blending into the whole Heads up I see people, whom I do not know They drink from th...