Individual Development Plan

Periodically (for students, each semester or annually?) assess your skills, what do you do well, what could you do better, what do you wish you did that you don’t, come up with a plan for how to make it happen. Reassess. Repeat.

invest in the identity formation of “I am a technologist”

Encourage the students who are learning the technology that they ARE technologists. Do this from the start. As first years come in and learn wordpress, word, presentation software, discipline specific software etc, that they are the ones in charge. Invest in self-confidence. There isn’t someone else who “knows all” but consdier crowd sourcing as a […]

Mortar Board: A Lesson of Balancing Work and Play

Credit: “Mortar Board Induction Ceremony” by Destinee Groover is licensed under CC BY NC-ND 4.0 Among the many wonderful events that transpired last year, the highlight of my junior year was my acceptance into Mortar Board. Although I received acceptance into several other honor societies, including Philosophy Honor Society and Economics Honor Society, the invitation to join …

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Reflection 3

Inevitably when one goes to college, they move into a new space. This is a new thinking space, social environment, and often a new home away from home. One of my favorite memories of college is purely interacting with others in this new place that was once foreign to all of us and soon became …

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interdisciplinary course on persuasive images

Can we create a course that uses info graphics (graphs) and other images to discuss how an image can persuade one way or the other? Is this a plug in?