Episode 11 Response

Aliyah Bryan Prof. Morris Serial Episode #11 Response November 16th, 2016   Throughout this 11 episode investigation of Bo Bergdahl’s disappearance, I have been on a rollercoaster of emotions. When I first began listening, I thought to myself “He asked for it. He made his bed, so now he has to lay in it”, but as the […]

Serial: Episode 9 Response

Aliyah Bryan Professor Morris Serial Response #9 November 2nd, 2016 Episode 9 of Serial showed just how difficult, controversial, and fragile diplomacy is. There is no one single way to go about it. It’s up to the diplomats to decide they best way to conduct business between nations. In this case, the manner in which […]

Serial Response 7 & 8

Aliyah Bryan Prof. Morris Serial Blog Response 7 & 8 October 27th, 2016   Episodes 7 and 8 take a deeper look into who Bo Bergdahl actually was a person and whether or not he was mentally fit to be in the military in the first place. There are many aspects about Bergdahl that make him seem like the […]

Serial Episode #6 Response

Aliyah Bryan Professor Morris October 20th, 2016 Serial Response #5   Serial is a podcast that is split up by weekly episodes. It documents and investigates the story of Bo Bergdahl’s captivity with the Taliban. In every episode, Sarah Koenig, the executive producer, digs deeper into the case. Why did he do it? What was the retrieval process? What […]

Serial: Episode 5 Response

Aliyah Bryan Professor Morris Serial: Episode 5 Response October 11th, 2016   Episode 5, entitled “Meanwhile, in Tampa” was essentially an investigation of the process of retrieving a missing soldier. Honestly, there was so much run around about who to go to and how to even begin to find a hostage that by the end of […]