Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese pop artist specializing in bright, often abstract art. Her media often changes, ranging from paints to collage, to sculpture, and even occasionally performance art. (She is considered to be a part of the feminist pop art movement as well) One thing I found interesting about her was the fact that … Continue reading Yayoi Kusama

Glenn Ligon

Glenn Ligon is an African-American concept artist who focuses on facets of identity, such as race, sexuality, and language. He looks to illustrate the definitions of these concepts for both himself and others using print and text primarily, but also occasionally things such as Neon lighting. His last exhibition was of spring this year, in … Continue reading Glenn Ligon

Wacom Reflection

When I learned I’d be using tablets in class, I was so excited! I carry around one of my own to use outside of class (also a wacom), but it was interesting to see how the difference in model affected my ability to work. My own tablet is smaller, so due to the less surface … Continue reading Wacom Reflection

Rastor vs Vector: PIXELS!

Although I’ve noticed the stark difference between the two programs (Photoshop and illustrator) all throughout the course, I feel that it is especially noticeable when working on my final/animation… Due to the fact that I do 98% of my art in pixels, it is rather easy to tell when an image has been resized, as … Continue reading Rastor vs Vector: PIXELS!

Final Cut

I’m just going to start out by saying this: I absolutely LOVE Final Cut Pro. It’s way easier to use than Windows MovieMaker, for one – No need to worry about the picture quality, saving, etc. Another plus is that the pre-installed sound bank is loads of fun to play with! I enjoyed toying with … Continue reading Final Cut