Blog Post #1

This picture of me is… Thoughtful, Lonely and Introspective.

Blog Post #3: Art Critique

This was supposed to be a blind contour, however the poor execution prevented it from reaching its full potential. It looks as if it was unfinished or done in a haste instead of a blind contour. That is mostly due to the lightness of the marks, which are common in sketches. To improve on blind contours in the future, darker materials should be used, such as a sharpie. Darker materials…

Blog Post #1

                                      3 words: speechless, distant, detached

Globalization and Contamination

I really appreciated The Case for Contamination reading, because cultural appropriation is such a hot and confusing topic. But we have to understand that cultural appropriation can exist in the same space as cultural “contamination,” or infusion without it having to be a horrible thing. While cheapening a culture is considered inappropriate, choosing whether to include an aspect […]

My Time in Toronto (And My Way Back)

Can be captured by this picture. In Commerce Court stand these elephants, a mother leading her babies. My friends and I stumbled upon this treasure on our convoluted way back to the hostel from Eaton Centre. We ended up finding the route moments after. Usually, when I’m lost, I have a panic attack. But there was something […]