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Blog Post 4: Adrian Piper Adrian Piper is an artist who explores the idea of race, gender issues, racism and racial identity. Her work is successful at identifying the prejudices that are projected onto people by directly and bluntly involving the viewers into her artwork. By erasing these boundaries, the viewer has no choice but to engage with the message and confront it head on, similarly to those who are affected by racial issues.…


Blog Post #5: Midterm Critique

  For the art midterm, I decided to break up the plane of space by reflecting objects onto themselves. For the drawing itself, I tried to make the objects textured so that the reflection aspect of it would be more apparent. At the beginning, I was going to make the reflected image lighter/darker than the real image so that there would be contrast. I tried that with the smallest piece…


Blog Post #3

I learned, in doing these six drawings that I have a very reductive method of working. I put down medium and then took some of the value away with a kneaded eraser for almost everything. I worked  in charcoal, conte, Sharpie in graphite  for these pieces, and I found that vine charcoal suited my own…